Liquid Chalk 200mL

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Liquid chalk is an excellent addition to home workouts, weightlifting, gymnastics, powerlifting and Crossfit.
200mL Liquid Chalk - High quality magnesium carbonate in an alcohol base.
Liquid chalk is the perfect product for those who wish to increase their grip via chalk but do not wish to create the mess normal chalk blocks create. Many gyms now ban chalk blocks as they are messy, others workout at home and prefer not to do the clean up. Either way, liquid chalk will give you that great chalk grip, minus the mess.
  • Premium magnesium carbonate
  • Denatured alcohol base
  • 200mL
  • Easy squeeze bottle
Useful for:
  • weightlifting
  • ninja warrior
  • body building
  • powerlifting
  • strongman
  • gymnastics
  • Crossfit
  • pole dancing
  • rock climbing
  • bouldering
  • grip training

Directions of use
Apply a small amount on hands and spread evenly. 
Allow to dry for 15 seconds.
Re-apply as necessary.